BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals Her Complete Makeup Collection

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has revealed on Get it Beauty that she’s obsessed with makeup, and that she has the most beauty products out of all the other members.

On February 26, BLACKPINK guest starred on Get it Beauty and revealed what kind of makeup style they like to personally do, and also brought the products they currently own to the studio.

Of all the members, Lisa revealed that she had the most makeup products and that she considered herself the “Mansour” of makeup. The term “Mansour” deriving from the world renowned Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, whose name has almost become an adjective in Korea meaning “super rich”.

Rose then revealed the extent of Lisa’s love for makeup, where Lisa would often spend the whole day shopping for makeup products, only to come home and go online to shop for more. Lisa then confirmed this by telling the hosts that she wasn’t able to bring all the makeup she owned.

As for their makeup styles, Rose explained that Lisa’s makeup style was the complete opposite of hers. Rose revealed that while she opts for a more pure and minimalistic makeup look, Lisa always does her makeup like she’s going out on a Saturday night.

Dara then asked Lisa to recommend her a product, to which she picked out a deep, dark green eyeshadow, further confirming Lisa’s love for glamorous makeup looks.

Watch the segment here!