BLACKPINK’s Rosé Emotionally Thanks Fans For “Healing” Her Heart

She is really grateful for all her fans

BLACKPINK’s global world tour has finally come to an end in Lisa’s home country Thailand where the girls were emotional at their last concert.

Rosé couldn’t hold back her tears when she thanked the fans for supporting BLACKPINK.

On her Instagram story, Rosé expressed her disbelief that after six months, the world tour has finally come to an end, after BLACKPINK travelled all across the world to perform in front of fans.

I cannot believe we made it through the whole six months already! And like I said when I ugly cried on stage today, we all went through so many highs and the occasional lows

Rosé made particular mention that this global tour was personally part of a healing process for her.

I leave this tour with a million memories and a healed heart.

Furthermore, many fans pointed out that Rosé previously mentioned that her cover of Halsey’s song “EYES CLOSED” helped her go through a rough patch in her life.

This is such a deep song and I remember at the time when I recorded it, I was needing some of the healing that this song brings to me.

What fans have been most pleased to know was that Rosé has progressively been able to overcome difficult times with her passion for music and the support her fans bring.

I am so blessed to be able to share this with all of you, yall are like my best friend.

Rosé has also reassured fans that while their global tour has ended, there is still so much content in stall for BLINKs in the future.

She also underlined that she treasured being able to meet fans during the world tour so much, that she can’t wait to do it again.

I cannot wait to be back my loves, you guys are so full of spirit it scares me

And fans can’t wait to see Rosé and BLACKPINK again.