BLACKPINK’s Stylist Under Fire For Making Unnecessary Comparisons To TWICE

“So the stylist has no manners.”

In a recent interview, BLACKPINK‘s stylist Choi Kyoung Won revealed the inspirations behind her fashion styles for the girl group members. Except, she brought up TWICE while explaining BLACKPINK’s styles and is now under massive fire for the unnecessary comparison.


Choi Kyoung Won explained while she prefers more classic looks, she stylizes BLACKPINK members with that bold energy which allows the girls to dominate on stage.

“On a personal level, it’s my vision to create a really different idea with their look to be at the epitome of women’s fashion in South Korea — to create a new milestone.” — Choi Kyoung Won


She mentioned that YG Entertainment gives her full support, especially financially, so that BLACKPINK girls can always look spot on.

“From the beginning, YG wanted them to be different from all the other groups and create an aura nowhere near the competition. From a styling perspective, I have full support — usually for a new band there isn’t a big budget but YG has connected me with designers and given me a very flexible budget.” — Choi Kyoung Won


All went well, until Choi Kyoung Won decided to compare the styles of TWICE and BLACKPINK to point out that her direction with the latter girl group is unique.

“[BLACKPINK] is more loved by people who follow fashion. They are for an in-the-know girl. Groups like TWICE are for the general public, but BLACKPINK is for people who actually appreciate style.” — Choi Kyoung Won


Once the interview went public, Korean netizens became offended that the stylist felt the need to openly criticize another girl group’s fashion.

  • “Can no one be interviewed without f*cking up these days? What was the need for her to bring up TWICE here?”

  • “What kind of professional does this? Openly comparing two girl groups? She’s simply asking for trouble.”

  • “So the stylist has no manners.”

  • “Looks like YG Entertainment and associates can’t do sh*t for themselves, so they have to drag someone else’s name into the game all the time, huh?”

  • “Just talk about the group you’re styling, nothing else. What’s so hard about that?”

  • “For the general public… LMAO. Is she trying to get more haters or…?”

  • “She must talk sh*t about TWICE’s style a lot for it to have come out so naturally like this. Who does she think she is?”

  • “But fashion is literally one of the most subjective fields… Who is she to judge?”


Stylist Choi Kyoung Won has not responded to the criticism, but Koreans continue to grow angry at her decision to compare two very different, but equally beloved girl groups to each other.

Source: THEQOO and WWD