BLACKPINK’s YouTube Channel Officially Passes 25 Million Subscribers, Widening Their Lead As Most Subscribed Girl Group

The gap between them and the next girl group is huge.

On May 10, BLACKPINK reached the YouTube milestone of 25 million subscribers. BLACKPINK are officially the most subscribed K-Pop act on YouTube, as well as the most subscribed girl group worldwide. Among female artists, the girls rank 6th overall behind Ariana Grande (36M), Taylor Swift (34M), Katy Perry (33M), Rihanna (32M), and Shakira (25.2M).

BLACKPINK with Ariana Grande

The second-most subscribed K-Pop act is BTS with 18 million subscribers.

The second-most subscribed K-Pop girl groups are TWICE and 2NE1 with 4.7 and 4.4 million subscribers respectively. In 2018 BLACKPINK was ahead of these groups by only 5 million subscribers; now they’re ahead by over 20 million.

TWICE (left) and 2NE1

In terms of girl groups overall, Fifth Harmony and Little Mix come in at 2nd and 3rd with 12 and 11 million subscribers respectively.

Fifth Harmony (left) and Little Mix

BLACKPINK are absolutely killing the game, smashing records wherever they go.