BLACKSWAN Announces Their Official Fandom Name

It’s so cute, and fans are already flaunting it!

The recent girl group, BLACKSWAN, has just announced its official fandom name!

| @kikyo91/Twitter

The group uploaded a post to Twitter that their official fandom name has been chosen by fans’ votes.

And so, the official fandom name is LUMINA!

It was explained in an earlier post that Lumina is a combination of “luminous” and the suffix -a. Luminous means that they will shine and -a is the best. They hope that LUMINA will help BLACKSWAN shine. Members Fatou and Youngheun have already reacted to the news on their Instagrams.

Fans have already been happily flaunting the name on Twitter.

However, as there often is, some fans were not very pleased with the choice. Night Swan and the unlisted CYGNUS were very popular choices in the fandom as they liked the connection to swans. However, LUMINA shined through.

Congratulations LUMINA!

BLACKSWAN debuted in October under DR Entertainment with their album Goodbye RANIA. Check out their title track “Tonight” below!