BLACKSWAN’s Sriya Is Making History With Her Debut—Here’s What She Did To Become India’s First K-Pop Idol

She’ll be part of their next comeback.

India’s first K-Pop idol is here! Sriya (Shreya Lenka) was recently added to the lineup of BLACKSWAN, an multinational girl group composed of the following members: Brazilian-Japanese Leia, Senegalese-Belgian Fatou and Brazilian-Dutch Gabi.

From left to right: BLACKSWAN’s Leia, Fatou, Sriya, and Gabi | D.R. Music

The road to this achievement was not an easy one for Sriya. In interviews with Rolling Stone India and The Korea Herald, she revealed that she sent audition tapes to numerous companies over a long period of time before hitting the jackpot.

It was stressful for her each time she entered a global online audition. Though she was never sure that she’d get in, a glimmer of hope was always present.

I used to give a lot of auditions so at that time [when I would be sending in my audition reels], my feelings were always like 50-50. Will I get selected? I have worked really hard, but there was always a feeling. I used to try my best to give my best and show them that I can do anything.

— Sriya

Sriya | D.R. Music

One such audition was the Cygnus program of D.R. Music, the company of BLACKSWAN. Sriya covered their 2021 song “Close To Me” and submitted it online.

I was doing auditions and my sister, she recommended ‘Close to Me.’ And then I was like, ‘Oh my god, I need to cover this.’

— Sriya

Sriya’s efforts paid off and she surpassed 4,000 applicants to become a trainee of D.R. Music.

Sriya and Gabi trained for a month in Seoul where they improved their singing, dancing, and Korean language skills. She was soon introduced as an official member of BLACKSWAN, filling the shoes of members Youngheun and Judy who both graduated from the group.

In Sriya’s own words, passing the audition was “really good.” She is still astounded by the fact that she went from covering a BLACKSWAN track to becoming a member of the group herself.

Now I’m finally part of BLACKSWAN. It’s such an amazing thing for me. There was a time when I used to cover [their songs] and now I’m in their group.

— Sriya

She also commented that of all groups, it was an honor to be part of a multinational one. BLACKSWAN “gives hope” to people who want to become K-Pop idols despite facing numerous barriers and this is something she can personally relate to.

BLACKSWAN is a group not [bound] by skin color, age, or nationality but by a talent and uniqueness that unites people. It gives hope to other people who also want to be K-Pop idols, who also doubt their skin color, nationality or age…I feel very honored and happy that I’m part of a group which is multinational.

— Sriya

D.R Music recently concluded another round of auditions for the second generation of the Cygnus project.

Check out Sriya’s full interview below to learn more about her.

Source: YouTube and Rolling Stone India