BLACKPINK’s Rosé Performance On “Sea Of Hope” Made TXT’s Beomgyu Fall In Love With Paramore’s “The Only Exception”

“I saw Rosé sunbae-nim perform it on ‘Sea of Hope.'”

Many people fell in love with BLACKPINK‘s Rosé moving cover performance of Paramore’s “The Only Exception” on Sea of Hope and TXT’s Beomgyu recently revealed how it’s impacted him!

It was back in July when Rosé covered Paramore’s song during her guest appearance on JTBC‘s Sea of Hope and made everyone swoon over her and the song! Since then, many people have become new fans of the song or have been reminded of what a beautiful song it is.

바라던 바다/YouTube

During his recent live broadcast, Beomgyu was listening to of his most loved songs and he introduced Paramore’s “The Only Exception” as one of his favorite songs currently.

I have a new favorite song right now. Would you like to listen to it? It’s called ‘The Only Exception.’

— Beomgyu

While playing the song in the background, Beomgyu explained how the song became his new favorite after watching Rosé’s cover on the show!

I saw Rosé sunbae-nim perform it on ‘Sea of Hope’ and I fell in love with it. It’s on repeat nonstop.

— Beomgyu

Check out the clip below: