“BLANC & ECLARE” earns more than 10 million won within 4 hours since launch

Jessica Jung rakes an impressive opening launch sales in Seoul, South Korea as BLANC & ECLARE earns more than 10 million won within four hours. 

BLANC & ECLARE officially made their launch last December 19th as their first collection of limited edition scarves were released to the public. Since the launch, it was revealed that the fashion brand recorded more than 10 million won within four hours of opening.

The brand, which is based in Hong Kong, also opened their first pop-up shop in Lotte Department Store in Seoul, South Korea, leaving fans to queue up to the venue prior to its launch. The brand further managed to record more than 20 million won worth of sales for its first day.

After the launch, Jessica Jung held a fan signing event on December 22nd where she was seen bursting into tears due to her fans’ support.

Since withdrawing from Girls’ Generation late this year, Jessica Jung has been focusing on her personal commitments at her own pace and continued promotions for her own fashion brand.

Source: TopStarNews