BLANK2Y Confirms Official Debut Date And Announces Fandom Name

This is one group to look out for!

Upcoming nine-member boy group BLANK2Y has confirmed their debut date. Keystone Entertainment stated, “BLANK2Y will officially take their first steps in the music industry on May 24. Please show support for the boys”.

| @BLANK2Y_twt/Twitter

Previously, a poster was posted to the group’s social media account revealing an opening door with nine rays of light shining through. They also recently announced the official fandom name to be K2YWE, which combines the words K2Y and WE, meaning that both BLANK2Y and fans will be together always.

This nine-member group is composed of members from Korea, Japan, and China as well as various audition programs including I-LAND, 1THE9, and more.

Source: osen