Here’s How BLINKs Think BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Solo Debut Will Tie All The Members’ Solos Together

We think BLINKs may have figured it all out!

After BLACKPINK Lisa‘s incredible solo debut with “LALISA,BLINKs are ready for Jisoo to release a solo, too!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

While Jisoo’s solo debut has not been officially announced yet and may be released well into the future, BLINKs are already coming up with fan theories about Jisoo’s first solo song.

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BLINKs think Jisoo’s solo debut will start with the letter O and tie all four BLACKPINK members’ solos together. If this theory turns out to be true, the first letters of each members’ solo debut will combine to spell the word solo.

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Jennie was the first BLACKPINK member to make a solo debut. The name of her solo track, “Solo,” started with the letter s.


Rosé was the next member to make her solo debut, and her solo song was called “On the Ground,” which starts with the letter o.


Lisa was the most recent member to make her solo debut. She debuted with “LALISA,” which starts with the letter l.


If Jisoo’s future solo debut does indeed start with the letter o, the group’s solos will combine to spell solo!

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This theory is starting to pick up traction among BLINKs on Twitter.

The theory has made it over to Reddit, too.

While there’s no proof that this theory will turn out to be true, we wouldn’t put it past YG Entertainment‘s creative team to blow fans’ minds with this hidden connection between BLACKPINK’s solo tracks!