BLINKs Demand Better Treatment For Lisa’s Solo Debut By Trending “More Promotions For Lisa”

She only had one music show performance scheduled.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has just started her music show promotions for her solo debut, “Lalisa,” on Inkigayo. Fans are already worried it might’ve been her last music show appearance for this era. After years of waiting for Lisa’s moment to shine, many are, understandably, concerned.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

BLINKs were first crushed when a clip of fansign began to circulate on Twitter where a fan asked Lisa about her upcoming promotions, to which Lisa had no clear answer.

Fans became even more concerned when they noticed that her first music show performance would be more than a week after her song’s initial release.

It wasn’t as if this was due to an overpacked schedule; however, fans also noticed that most of Lisa’s content would occur within the first two days that “Lalisa” was online.

Not only were fans upset at the lack of performances, but fans also realized that Lisa wouldn’t have the chance to make variety show appearances.

Fans were already frustrated but continued to push forward with streaming and voting in hopes that they could bring Lisa a music show win in person during her only scheduled appearance. Crushingly, Lisa came in second place, which was the final straw for many fans.

With all of this frustration boiling over, soon, “MORE PROMOTIONS FOR LISA” was trending on Twitter, with thousands of fans joining in. Some were angered by the lack of set Lisa was given for her Inkigayo performance.

Other fans shared memes to cope with their anger through humor

Even through all the exhaustion, fans figured out how to show off Lisa’s successes and ask for the attention she deserves.

While the future of Lisa’s promotions remains unseen, a performance video has been announced for her B-Side track, “Money”. We can only hope this is a sign that more promotions could be on the way.