BLINKS Demand Justice For BLACKPINK By Placing A Billboard Outside YG Entertainment

They want better treatment for BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK trended on Twitter on December 16 following BLINKs demanding for new songs and better treatment for them.

BLINKs trended the hashtag “BLINKSDemandForBLACKPINK” worldwide in the hopes of gaining attention from the company.

The goal of the campaign was to get better treatment for BLACKPINK, whose two promised comebacks in 2019 were not fulfilled.

BLINKs pointed out that the girls constantly break records and earn millions of dollars for YG Entertainment and yet they are given the bare minimum as artists.

A group of fans even spent their own money to place a video billboard truck right outside YG Entertainment to market their cause.

The truck also roamed around Seoul playing BLACKPINK’s music videos.

As BLACKPINK barely has any songs, the truck had the dual purpose of highlighting their lack of discography.

While the exact price of the truck was not revealed, fellow BLINKs estimated it to be worth thousands of dollars.

BLINKs wanted YG Entertainment to understand their pain of seeing the girls sad because of their lack of comebacks.

They also wanted the company to see their strength as a fandom who never backs down.

Additional advertisements are scheduled to follow.

In the end, fans explained that they aren’t asking for much from the company.

They simply wish that BLACKPINK would be given their promised full album, two group comebacks, solo projects for all members, broadcast opportunities, and award show appearances.

Source: Naver