BLINKs Are Impressed With SEVENTEEN Dino’s Cover Of BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down”

You could say that Dino really shut it down!

SEVENTEEN are currently holding their official fan meeting, “SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND.” Set across three days, the group have already completed day one of the event!

SEVENTEEN’s “CARAT LAND” flyer | Pledis

In addition to putting on impressive performances…

…the group have treated fans to some other surprises as well, like S.Coups revealing SEVENTEEN’s comeback date!

Another fun surprise for fans involved the group playing some games, and the losers being punished. The “punishment” for the losing team was to dance to songs that “didn’t fit the members.”

For Dino, the song given to him was BLACKPINK‘s “Pink Venom.” After seeming slightly reluctant at first, he jumped into the dance!

Dino seemed like he was BLACKPINK’s secret fifth member with how precise his dance moves were!

Check the side-by-side comparison!

It wasn’t a surprise that he absolutely slayed this cover — last year, Dino gained a lot of attention for his dance cover of Lisa‘s “Lalisa.”

BLINKs and CARATs have done nothing but praise him for his amazing cover dance!


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