Blinks Began Singing For BLACKPINK’s Rosé At Paris Fashion Week, And Her Reaction Is Everything

Rosé is so precious!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently attended this year’s 2022 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week, and totally stole the show as the ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent!

Rosé | Elle Thailand

In a black minidress, Rosé looked breathtaking, and flaunted her model proportions in front of a sizeable crowd who couldn’t help but cheer for this visual queen!

| @skintypink/Twitter

And the loyal Blinks kept the cheering going, even after the show! As Rosé was leaving the venue, fans started singing her hit solo debut song “On The Ground” for her!

As soon as she heard them singing, Rosé looked emotional, and while fighting back tears, began blowing kisses at fans to show her appreciation for their love and support!

Since it’s been two years since BLACKPINK performed at a concert or an event, it must have meant so much to Rose to hear her fans singing along to and celebrating her song, and it’s no wonder she was so touched after hearing them sing!

She’s so precious!