[★BREAKING] Video Evidence Shows Block B Was Also Sexually Assaulted by SNL Korea Staff

Video showing Block B being sexually assaulted by SNL Korea staff has emerged causing outrage amongst the K-Pop community.

Earlier today, Koreaboo reported that INFINITE and B1A4 were sexually molested backstage at SNL Korea, during an apparent ‘skit’. The staff initially denied such allegations when confronted via Facebook Messenger. However, once video surfaced, an apology was immediately posted to their Facebook Page.

(Below is a GIF Showing B1A4 Being Sexually Assaulted)

The apology reads, “We would like to apologize to the members of B1A4 and fans for our aggressive actions in the “Behind the casting of B1A4” video that was posted to Facebook on the 26th. The actions towards the hosts were inappropriate and we will make sure nothing like this happens again.”

However, fans were quick to note that the apology did not mention INFINITE. Multiple commenters expressed concern that other groups may have also been sexually violated without the publics knowledge.

Now, video proof has been found showing that Block B was also sexually molested by SNL Korea staff.

The video shows Zico clearly looking uncomfortable, while the remaining members are attempting to protect themselves. The scene mirrors the exact same situation that INFINITE and B1A4 were victim to.

Watch the full video below: