Block B’s B-Bomb Discharged From Military, Plans To Meet Fans Through Special Live Broadcast

He’s back!

Block B’s B-Bomb has officially been discharged from the military!

B-Bomb, who served as a police officer, was discharged from the military without returning after his initial discharge on April 17 due to COVID-19 prevention measures.

He also posted a photo to Instagram thanking fans for waiting for him all this time.

I have been discharged without returning to the military due to COVID-19 measures. Although it was a long time, I was able to finish my time here happy and healthy thanks to my seniors. Thank you to my fans who waited all this time. I will see you all very soon!

⁠— B-Bomb

He will also be meeting with fans through a special V Live broadcast on April 28!

B-Bomb enlisted October 10, 2019 and served as a police officer after completing basic training in Nonsan.

Source: mbn

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