Block B to embark on “Block B Block Party in Europe” tour

Block B will be going on their first European tour which will be held in four different cities.

Following the completion of their U.S showcase, Block B will continue performing overseas, this time in Europe. Their tour, titled Block B Block Party in Europe, will be held in four cities: Paris, Helsinki, Warsaw, and Milan.

Made possible by MyMusicTaste, fans were able to start their own campaign in order to bring Block B to their city. After the creation of various campaigns, the cities with the highest demand from fans had the concert become official. Block B Block Party in Europe will take place on February 27 in Paris, March 1 in Helsinki, March 6 in Warsaw, and March 8 in Milan.

Tickets are available online through MyMusicTaste with prices ranging from 42€ for standard tickets to 170€ for early entry and meet and greet tickets.

Source: TV Report