BLOCK B’s P.O Was Once Eliminated As A Trainee, So WINNER’s Mino Did Something Shocking

Mino shocked their CEO.

BLOCK B‘s P.O and WINNER‘s Mino are well known childhood friends. They’ve been close many years before they even debuted!


Not only were they classmates, the two friends used to train together to debut as a rapping duo! But as they were training, their company decided to drop P.O as a trainee but keep Mino on.

“We slept, trained, and composed at my house, so we decided to debut as a rapping duo like Dynamic Duo. But when we began as trainees, the company liked Mino but not me.”

— P.O


Their CEO at the time, Rhymer, sat them down to deliver the news. P.O accepted it was the end for him but Mino did something no one ever expected… He announced right at that spot that he will quit too if P.O is let go!

“Rhymer was the CEO back then. He sat us both down and told me, ‘You don’t need to come to train anymore starting tomorrow.’ But told Mino, ‘You can keep training.’

I thought that was the end for me and accepted it. But Mino said, ‘Then I will quit too.'”

— P.O


P.O was so touched by his best friend’s shocking announcement!

“I was heart-touched by him at that moment.”

— P.O


Afterwards, they went to sleepover at Mino’s house but P.O couldn’t let the events of the day go. He woke up the whole house in the middle of the night and asserted that Mino needs to go back to training even without him.

“We went to Mino’s house to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep because I felt so sorry. In the middle of the night, I woke his parents up and asked them to talk for a bit in the living room.

I told them what happened that day, about how Mino reacted, but I told them I think Mino should continue.”

— P.O


Thus, Mino went back to train without P.O. But P.O was even more determined to succeed, so he lost weight and trained diligently over the year and was eventually welcomed back by the company!

“Mino continued training, and I lost weight and trained hard for a year and was re-admitted to the company.”

— P.O


Although they didn’t debut as a duo, P.O went onto debut as a member of BLOCK B and Mino as WINNER. The two friends both succeeded well in their respective groups and their friendship lives on even still!


That’s a bond that can’t be broken!


Watch P.O recall the amazing story below:

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