Block B sub unit BASTARZ drops epic MV for “Make It Rain”

Block B‘s sub unit BASTARZ are back with their epic new music video for track “Make It Rain”.

The music video is a far cry from their previous upbeat funk track “Selfish and Beautiful Girl” as the epic rap and vocal track teamed with a dark music video already has fans excited for the group’s upcoming promotions.

Like their popular track “Zero For Conduct,” the group’s new track has an energetic theme as the group’s new music video features members P.O, U-Kwon, and B-bomb as gamblers, thugs, and gangsters in an apocalyptic world.

The group’s new track is also exciting for fans, as it was revealed the track had been produced by industry favorite Dean and member P.O. The groups new tracks “Selfish and Beautiful Girl” and “Make It Rain” will feature on their second mini-album Welcome2Bastarz.

Check out BASTARZ new music video!