Block B successfully completes Helsinki concert stop

Through the help of MyMusicTaste, Korean hip-hop group Block B are currently on their first European tour Block Party in Europe and are already halfway through. 

Beginning the tour in Paris, France on February 28th, Block B then followed up with a successful stop in Helsinki, Finland on March 1st, where they performed a series of stages with some of their hit Korean tracks such as “Unordinary Girl” and even singing to “Levan Polkka” (U-Kwon), a popular Finnish track from 1996.

Ending the concert, Block B posed with their fans from the stage for a large group photo as everyone held up similar fan signs to commemorate the event. Various other photos were uploaded by the group and posted via their official Facebook account, the text accompanying it reading, “Helsinki, Finland fans gave the best response!!!! Yeah~~~♡♡  Everyone’s reaction was so good!! Let’s meet again :)”. 

Block B will be wrapping up their first European tour with a stop in Warsaw, Poland on March 6th and Milan, Italy on March 8th.