Block B’s Ukwon Reveals Why He Finally Decided To Introduce His Girlfriend Of 8 Years

Another idol’s actions made him come clean about his relationship.

Block B‘s Ukwon announced back in 2012 that he was dating model Jun Sun Hye. His sudden announcement shocked the industry as idols rarely ever publically revealed their relationships. It was especially shocking as it had only been about a year since Ukwon debuted.


Now that it’s been 8 years since the two first started dating, Ukwon opened up about why he decided to take the risky move of taking his relationship public.


Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul first laid out that dating is a sensitive subject for idols. Many of Ukwon’s fans have left his side since he came clean about his love life.

“Is it okay to talk about this now? A lot of people know and I know, but I know this is a sensitive subject for idols.”

— Kim Heechul


Ukwon explained that he got tired of dating in secret and having to hide his relationship. He knew that some of the sasaeng fans who were constantly watching them already knew.

“It’s been 8 years. At the time, sasaeng fans were always watching us so some of them already knew. It felt like they were pretending like they didn’t know, but I didn’t like that.

Our agency talks a lot about dating too. They tell us not to get caught or not date at all. We had to meet in secret, and I felt frustrated.

— Ukwon


Right as he was feeling frustrated, Wonder Girls’ Sunye announced that she was getting married. Using that momentum of a popular idol announcing her relationship, he came out to his fans.

“But right around that time, Sunye announced that she was getting married. I thought, ‘Now’s the time! Now’s the time!’

So I uploaded a photo from a date with my girlfriend onto our fan cafe. I wrote a message saying, ‘I don’t want to lie anymore. This is my girlfriend. I hope you can support our relationship.’

— Ukwon


Ukwon also recalled a fun event that he had once planned for his girlfriend. Although his girlfriend said something as a joke, Ukwon took it seriously and showed up at her door dressed in all red!

“Near the beginning of our relationship – it was about 100 days since we dated – my girlfriend asked me to come to her house wearing a red suit with red shoes and a red rose.

I took that seriously. I didn’t have money and I didn’t have a red suit. But one of our stage outfits was a red suit. I told our stylist that I need to borrow it for one day and promised to return it. I borrowed the suit, wore my red sneakers, bought a red rose, and went to my girlfriend’s house. I rang the doorbell and waited when I heard her burst out in laughter without even opening the door. She yelled at me, saying ‘What are you doing? It was a joke!’

I was about 20 years old back then.”

— Ukwon


Over the 8 years, Ukwon has become the best boyfriend as he is the best dancer!

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