Block B’s U-Kwon Gets Caught In Crossfires Regarding SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Dating Allegations — U-Kwon Responds

U-Kwon’s dating news was a huge betrayal for fans.

Amidst SEVENTEEN Joshua’s dating allegations with influencer and model Cho Mi Young, another idol and his previous dating news has been caught in the crossfires. Many fans of Joshua have been criticizing the star not for dating, but for “playing fans for a fool.

Here’s All The “Proof” That Caused Fans To Think SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Is Dating A Model

As fans bring attention to the underlying “issues” that they have with the star, including not being active on fan communication platforms and uploading “lovestagrams,” another long-standing K-Pop fan suddenly brought up Block B U-Kwon’s past dating controversy.

U-Kwon reposting the tweets.
  • Original tweet: Hope everyone reads this comment on Joshua’s Instagram. CARATs, Joshua, and his girlfriend, everyone.
  • QRT: Ah, f*ck. How is this taking fans for a fool? Y’all be acting up. “Taking fans for a fool” should be applied to what Block B’s U-Kwon did. What can you do? Things are being noticed because their entire daily lifestyle is part of the relationship. It’s f*cking like a power trip, how they spend money [earned from us] as how they like, then when they have spent it all, they say shit like, “give us our rights.

U-Kwon reposted a screenshot of the tweets, with the simple caption, “What?” Netizens and fans are in disbelief at his answer, given that his dating news upset many fans back then. As Block B always had a more free image, it wasn’t the dating that was the problem, but his attitude towards fans.

In particular, his post-it replies during fansign were a sore spot for fans.

“U-Kwon oppa, please follow the lines and draw this. Please. [Heart] | Daum
He responded coldly after his dating news broke out.

“Oppa, what are the chances that I’ll be your girlfriend in our next lives?” Response: “Around 0%.” | Daum

They wondered why he could not offer a kind word as fan service.

“Which part of me is the prettiest?” Response: “LOOOOOOL.” | Daum

As the issue resurfaced thanks to his repost, netizens are reminded of his actions.

Netizens respond. | theqoo
  • He made everyone recall the previous matter LOL.
  • Seems like idols really search their own names on Twitter, LOL.
  • LOOOOL what’s he up to recently?
  • What did he do so great that he’s all “What?” F*ck.
  • Seems like U-Kwon wants to be brought up again.
  • The term “Making a fuss like U-Kwon” didn’t get coined for no reason. Do you know that? Because you did things, that no one is shielding you, b*stard.
  • Wow… Those post-its are shocking. Aside from the whole relationship between fans and celebrities, as a human, those were too rude.

Pledis Entertainment continues to stay silent throughout the entire matter.

Source: Theqoo