This Is What Block B Zico And Taeil Can’t Stand About Each Other

Block B’s ZICO and Taeil shared their pet peeves about each other, and it’s driving fan speculation about their relationship into overdrive!

On November 17, Block B held a fan sign event in Gangnam and fans got to ask what each member likes and dislikes about the other members.

When a fan asked ZICO what about Taeil drives him crazy, he replied by writing “When he runs towards me naked!”

Source: @Yezic0

Similarly, when Taeil was asked the same question about ZICO, he answered by writing “When Zico comes to me with his clothes off.

Source: @Yezic0

Fans were stunned and confused by the blunt and unexpected responses from the two members!

Although fans think it was a silly loving joke between the friendly Block B members, they went crazy for the “TAECO” moment.

Whatever the story is between Taeil and ZICO, fans just can’t get enough of TAECO.