Block B’s Jaehyo Confirms Enlistment Date

He is the first Block B member to enlist.

Jaehyo is currently holding his charity photo exhibition “Momento”, which will run from November 28 to December 19.


It seems that the exhibition was planned to end the day before his enlistment date.


During the exhibition, he allegedly told a fan that he would be going to the army on the 20th.

International Fan: Are you going to the army?
Jaehyo: Yes, I’m going.
Fan: When are you going?
Jaehyo: I’m going on the 20th.
Fan: Ah, really?
Jaehyo: Yes, so I can’t go to Taeil’s [solo] concert.
Fan: And your birthday…
Jaehyo: And I will spend my birthday in the army.


Seven Seasons has just confirmed that Block B’s Jaehyo will officially enlist in the army on December 20. He will begin his basic training on the 20th, and will then report for duty as a public service worker. Due to health issues, he received appointment to public service.


Jaehyo has struggled with his knee since before debut and had surgery on the knee in 2015. As a result, he has had to stay seated during performance or sometimes, completely miss schedules.


Seven Seasons also let fans know that Jaehyo would like to have a quiet enlistment and will not be holding an official send-off event.

Here is Seven Seasons’ full statement on Jaehyo’s enlistment.

[📢] 블락비 재효 군 입대 관련 안내 공지 안녕하세요.세븐시즌스입니다. 블락비의 멤버 재효의 군 입대 소식을 알립니다. 블락비 재효가 오는 12월 20일 목요일 일자로 신병교육소에 입소하여 병역의…

Posted by Block B on Monday, December 3, 2018

“Hello, this is Seven Seasons.

We are reporting the news of Block B member Jaehyo’s army enlistment.

Block B’s Jaehyo will be entring the new solider training center on Thursday, December 20 and fulfilling his mandatory military duty. After completing basic training, he plans to perform alternative military service for about two years as a public service worker.

Due to health reasons, he received the assignment of public service worker and will carry out his role diligently. To comply with his wish to enlist quietly, we will not hold an official send-off event and ask for fans’ understanding.

We ask for your warm support of our artist Jaehyo, who will return more mature after diligently completing his military duties.

Thank you.”

— Seven Seasons


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