[★BREAKING] Block B’s Zico and manager involved in drunk driving car crash

Korean media reports that Block B member Zico was recently involved in a car accident caused by drunk driving.

According to Newsen in an exclusive, Zico was on his way home with his manager following a birthday party for fellow member Park Kyung on July 8th when the accident occurred. Gangnam Police reports that at the time, the manager was behind the wheel of the car and recorded to be intoxicated, causing a fender bender with another car at a traffic light.

The birthday party for Park Kyung took place in Gangnam at a lounge bar with other Block B members at the scene as well as a dozen other people including WINNER‘s Song Mino, TEEN TOP‘s C.A.P, Nicole, Henry, and Yewon.

Gangnam Police station stated, “Block B’s Zico was not behind the wheel, but was a passenger. While the manager driving was in direct violation of a traffic light, the cause of the accident was revealed to be the cause of being under the influence.”

Officials from Block B’s agency, Seven Seasons, stated, “We have confirmed with both Zico and his manager that both of them had drinks and the manager drove in order to get home. He is currently in deep remorse for drunk driving. Currently, we are aware that Zico does not have any bodily harm. He was involved in a broadcast recording on the 10th.”

Currently, Zico is appearing as a producer and judge for the new season of Mnet’Show Me The Money 4.

Source: Newsen