Block B’s Zico Makes Ordinary Clothes Look Amazing In Photoshoot For “Polham”

These photos are proof that Zico looks good in anything.

The apparel brand Polham announced it is enlisting Block B‘s Zico as an official model for its 2020 Fall/Winter collection.

The photos were shot before his military enlistment back in July 2020. It features Zico in casual, everyday wear characterized by simple design and subdued colors like beige, navy and grey.

Zico and Polham are aiming for mass appeal, with clothes that are suitable for people of all ages.

The spokesperson for Polham stated “As a brand that places importance on cost-performance ratio, we have selected Zico as a trendsetter that can help us reach a wider audience.”

At the photoshoot, Zico wowed everyone with his uncanny ability to turn basic clothes into fashionable items.

— Polham

Zico’s swag, sexy poses and alluring facial expressions contributed to a killer marketing campaign for Polham. The 2020 Fall/Winter collection drops soon in stores and online.

Watch Zico’s interview with Polham for the 2020 Fall/Winter collection here:

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