BlockBerry Creative Announces LOONA’s Haseul Will Halt Activities For The Time Being

Hopefully she will return happy and healthy.

In a message posted in LOONA‘s fancafe on May 10, BlockBerry Creative gave some news on member Haseul.

In the post, Blockberry Creative stated that due to “personal circumstances,” Haseul will not be participating in LOONA’s activities in the immediate future. They also stated that Haseul was apologetic to her fans, and thanked fans for being understanding about the sudden news.

Haseul pictured for Dispatch

While her fans are saddened by this news, Haseul’s health and happiness is their priority. Some fans are guessing these personal circumstances may have something to do with the passing away of her grandmother earlier this year.

I’m sure! Her grandma died during Butterfly promo she might be needing more personal time. I also think she might be prone to some health issues but I def cant diagnose anything

Twitter user @maxattemptsart

Haseul’s grandmother passed away while LOONA was promoting “Butterfly” in February, and she immediately halted activities to attend the funeral, be with her family and grieve. As that was only a short three months ago, she might still be dealing with that grief and symptoms thereof.

LOONA performing “Butterfly”

As Blockberry Creative has not elaborated on the circumstances, all fans can do at this time is speculate the causes. Whatever the actual circumstances are, Haseul’s fans are thankful to Blockberry Creative for giving her the necessary time off to recover.