Who Is The Blonde Girl? BLACKPINK’s Rosé Earns New Nicknames Among Locals During The 2022 VMAs

She turned quite a few into BLINKs!

BLACKPINK made history recently at MTV‘s 2022 VMAs (also known as the 2022 Video Music Awards), not only performing but taking home the award “Best Metaverse Performance” while Lisa won “Best K-Pop.”

Even before the award show, the members stole the show on the red carpet with their visuals. Rosé especially had everyone doing a double-take.

Rosé also had “locals” (non-K-Pop fans) simping for her. Even if they didn’t know her name, they couldn’t stop talking about her all night. But since they were unfamiliar with the BLACKPINK members, they just identified Rosé by her hair color: blonde.

So, her nickname throughout the night was simply “blonde girl.”

By the night’s end, people who had never known of Rosé before were now proposing marriage.

It was not only Rosé’s visuals that had netizens talking. Everyone fell in love with her voice.

From her beauty to her speaking voice, and of course, her live vocals, locals became absolutely enchanted. Who can blame them? She is BLACKPINK’s main vocalist, after all!

| @RoseannTheAce/Twitter

| @RoseannTheAce/Twitter

Some even went so far as to refer to “the blonde one” as the “Beyoncé” of the group. This is a reference to Beyoncé’s early years in Destiny’s Child.

| @RoseannTheAce/Twitter

Not only were locals falling for Rosé either; it was celebrities too. Taylor Swift herself had to catch her breath.

They even met and snapped a pic together with Sabrina Carpenter at the after-party.

No one is exempt from Rosé’s charms!

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