Move Over, Masternims—The Blue House Is Netizens’ New Favorite Fansite

The Blue House is the official residence of the President of South Korea.

Photoshoots can be stunning, but there’s no doubt that some of the most legendary idol photos have been taken by fansite masters—everyday fans with expensive cameras and the drive to follow stars to every schedule. But now, there’s a new “fansite” in town blowing everyone away: the South Korean president’s Blue House.

Similar to the White House in the United States, the Blue House is the official residence of President Moon Jae In, the leader of South Korea. Known in Korean as Cheongdawae, the Blue House has its own social media account and website where photos of official presidential events are uploaded. While those events typically include press conferences, charity drives, and official outings, sometimes they also include your favorite K-Pop idols.

The Blue House | The Blue House

Fans often complain that press photos are grainy, poorly lit, badly angled, and worse than fansite photos all around. But, while you may expect official photos taken for the Blue House to have the same problems, netizens have noticed that they’re actually as good as fansite pictures—if not better.

Just take a look at this action shot from a BTS performance; if it wasn’t for the Blue House watermark, you could easily mistake it for a fansite photo from a concert.

Naturally, BTS has appeared at Blue House-led events several times, and every time the photos capture the members’ charm perfectly. The lighting in this one, for example, makes them look ethereal.

And it’s not just BTS—several other high-profile idols have visited or performed for President Moon Jae In, which means they too were lucky enough to have their photos taken by Blue House-nim.

In a post on TheQoo, netizens said they almost mistook this photo of YoonA at a Community Chest of Korea donors’ luncheon for one taken by her fansites.

Others said this picture of 2PM‘s Taecyeon is so impressive, it could pass for a movie still.

This photo makes sure that even the out-of-focus Red Velvet members behind Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun looked stunning at this dinner for the North Korean peace concert performers.

And they look even better in this shot.

Plus, no one could forget these iconic MONSTA X shots. One looks like a legendary fansite concert photo.

The other gets every single member’s handsome side, with HD quality and color editing to rival that of any master-nim.

Looks like fansites finally have some competition! Here’s hoping more idols get to visit the Blue House this year and have their pictures taken by the talented Cheongwadae photographer.

Source: TheQoo