K-Drama “Bo-ra! Deborah” Faces Major Backlash For Insensitive Holocaust Analogy

“Ignorance is scary…”

ENA‘s K-Drama, Bo-ra! Deborah is being criticized for inappropriately mentioning the Holocaust on the show.

Yoo In Na on a poster for Bo-ra! Deborah | ENA

On May 14, one international audience member tweeted their concerns about the show mentioning Auschwitz on the show. Auschwitz is a concentration camp used by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust, at which over a million Jews were killed.

In the clip, Yoo In Na’s character casually brings up Auschwitz and uses it as an analogy to depict the “importance” of taking care of one’s appearance.

In the Auschwitz concentration camp, where people were dying on top of their excrement, some of them, with half a cup of water, drank half of it and washed their faces with the rest. They even shaved with a piece of glass while using the back of a tray as a mirror. And they survived. Taking care of your appearance and dressing up is a matter of survival. As I am single, I should do something to survive.

— Yoo In Na’s character

International fans expressed horror and anger at the insensitivity with which the show mentions the concentration camp. Many fans expressed disappointment at the show and its writers for the inappropriate analogy.

Korean netizens also reacted to the clip, with many expressing anger and admonishing the K-Drama’s writer for their ignorance.

  • “This is repulsive and creepy. WTF was (the writer) thinking?”
  • “Wow…”
  • “The criticism is justifiable. They (drama) used (the Holocaust) too casually.”
  • “This drama has a $hit load of weird dialogue.”
  • “Even if the writer wrote something this insensitive, the drama should have cut it out before filming the scene. Are you telling me no one thought this was problematic?”
  • “Is the writer not thinking?”
  • “This is a collaboration between an insensitive write, production team, and actor.”
  • “Wow, this is really gross.”
  • “Wow, this is crazy.”
  • “The writer, director, and production team are hopeless. They proved their ignorance. I hope you guys get cursed out.”
  • “Why is (the writer) writing without thinking?”

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Source: theqoo and wikitree
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