BoA admits she wants to get married within 10 years

Veteran female solo idol, BoA, has confessed to wanting to settle down with a family within the next 10 years!

During the June 5th radio broadcast of MBC FM4U Bae Cheol Su‘s Music Camp, BoA appeared as a special guest where she performed one of her newest hit songs, “Who Are You,” live for the public audience.

As the solo artist finished up her performance of the song, many listeners of the radio left messages on the radio’s official website, complimenting the star for her live vocal skills. One female fan even wrote, “You are great at singing and great at dancing, unnie. I’m so curious as to what kind of guy will take and marry you.

In response to this comment, host Bae Cheol Su directed a question at BoA, asking, “When do you plan on getting married?” in which the star answered, “Within 10 years.”

When Bae Cheol Su asked another question, “Don’t you need a man first in order to [get married]?” BoA replied, “Tell me about it! But I feel like I lose more and more of my options as each year goes by.

But you are still in your 20’s,” the host explained, “The average age for marriage has changed to the mid-30’s nowadays.

However, BoA confessed, “I definitely want to get married before I hit my mid-30’s or at least before I become 40 years old.”

BoA has recently released her 8th Korean album on May 12th and has since been promoting her title track, “Kiss My Lips“, on various music programs and even appearing on several variety programs such as KBS Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, JTBC Crime Scene 2and TVN Three Meals A Day.

Source: Newsen