BoA collaborating with Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko for pre-release comeback track

BoA is gearing up for her comeback and will be releasing a pre-release track ahead of time that will feature Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko.

After a three year hiatus from the Korean music industry, “Queen of K-Pop” BoA is returning to the scene with a new album to celebrate her 15th debut anniversary. In just a few weeks, the popular female singer will be pre-releasing the track “Who Are You” featuring hip-hop artist Gaeko.

“Who Are You” is penned, composed, and produced by BoA herself, though Gaeko was given charge of his own rap lyrics. With the fierce rap of Gaeko and BoA’s vocals, the collaboration track has already raised anticipation among fans who are looking forward to her return.

Previously, BoA teased fans with a photo from the recording studio, which SM Entertainment later confirmed that she was preparing for her comeback.

The track will be released on April 20th.

Source: X Sports News