BoA Fans Are Fed Up With SM Entertainment Neglecting Her From Merch Production

“Wow, this is so f*cked up.”

SM Entertainment recently announced its upcoming new merchandise sale for its managing artists who have official light sticks. The agency shared its production of “Mini Fanlight Keyrings” and mentioned 7 of their artists whose fandoms have official light sticks – including EXO, NCT, Red Velvet, SHINee, TVXQ!, Super Junior, and Girls’ Generation, but excluding BoA.


BoA’s fans, once realizing she is missing from the list, became upset with SM Entertainment for excluding her from the new merch production and for neglecting “any care for her in general.” They have been voicing their concerns for the agency’s continuous lack of ability to include BoA in their artist marketing efforts, under the tweet that announced the release of the goods.

Translation: BoA… Has… A… Light Stick… Too…


Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time BoA fans had become troubled by SM Entertainment’s alleged “neglect” of the artist. In the past, SM Entertainment shared cartoon versions of their agency artists, all of whom had been characterized except BoA. BoA’s fans weren’t too happy with the depiction of BoA as a bear…


… and neither was BoA herself. Only when she uploaded her Instagram with a question about why she was turned into a bear while all the other agency artists were turned into characterized versions of themselves, did SM Entertainment belatedly respond by making BoA her own cartoon version as well.

Translation: “Hm… Am I a bear? Why…? Now they’re treating me as a bear, lol.”


Like so, SM Entertainment has history with upsetting BoA’s fans. Neither the agency, nor the merch sales page @11ST_goods, has yet responded to the growing frustration with the missing BoA lightstick keyring. Meanwhile, fans remain irritated and continue to ask for the inclusion of BoA in this and all future SM Entertainment merch productions.

Source: THEQOO