BoA gathers courage to perform “Atlantis Princess” at concert despite its sad memories

During the press conference after hosting her solo concert NOWNESS, BoA reveals the sadness behind her past hit track.

On August 23rd, BoA hosted a press conference for the 2015 BoA Special Live ‘NOWNESS’ concert held on August 22nd through 23rd.

The event is her first concert since January of 2013, which also celebrates her 15th debut year as an artist. When asked about her performance of the song “Atlantis Princess,” BoA revealed the sad story and memories this song.

She revealed, “I decided to perform ‘Atlantis Princess’ in the concert. There was a hard time for me when my manager suddenly passed away in 2003 during my promotion of this song. Because this song deeply saddens me, I couldn’t easily decide to bring this song up. But I decided to add it because I thought that I can now proudly sing this song.”

(Last “Atlantis Princess” performance during promotions; July 12, 2003)

On July 9, 2003, the manager responsible for both Fly To The Sky and BoA was involved in a car accident. After his car hit something in the road, the manager had stepped out of the car to inspect, however, a truck behind him swerved to avoid the car and hit the manager instead, dying on the scene. At the time, Fly To The Sky was in a van following the car as they returned from a schedule with BoA leaving ahead of them in another car. (1)

After winning on Inkigayo for “Atlantis Princess” six days after the accident, BoA instead had sung the ballad track “Tree” dressed in black for her encore stage in memory of her manager. However, she was unable to finish the encore stage and went off stage. Promotions were then suddenly changed from “Atlantis Princess” to “Tree.” Since then, BoA has rarely performed “Atlantis Princess” due to the sad memories that accompany it.

(First performance of “Tree” dedicated to manager; July 13, 2003)

(“Atlantis Princess” performed at “NOWNESS” concert; August 23, 2015)

Netizens who read the article commented:

[ +232 / -9] That right.. I remember back then. During one of the music programs, she won first place with “Atlantis Princess” but she sang a slow ballad song on her encore stage with all black outfits dedicated to her manager who passed away.

[ +120 / -7] All of BoA’s songs were good. My husband still listens to “No.1.”

[ +78 / -9] I remember this song as a fan;; I forgot there was a behind story to this;; Wow.. The concert was really fun! People who are going tonight, have fun~~

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