BoA to possibly join the surge of solo comebacks this February

It has been at least two years since her last promotional activity in South Korea, but 2017 may be looking favorable for solo artist, BoA

It has been two years since BoA released her eighth album, Kiss My Lips, back in May 2015. Since then, she has appeared in a few collaborations and ventured into acting, appearing on jTBC’s recent drama, My Wife Was Having An Affair

On January 10th, however, an insider from the music industry revealed a few hints pertinent to her return. Here’s what we know so far.

It will be a mini-album set to be released in February

According to reports, BoA has picked a title track, while finalizing some of her recordings. Once these recordings are done, they will be working on the choreography for her title track. 


BoA is reportedly focused on recording

She has wrapped activities for her last drama and has not collaborated with any music work. She is highly speculated to have been concentrated on her recording since clearing her schedule for other activities.
BoA is free from her acting commitments and other activities.

The recent surge of solo artists debut and comeback

Although there has been less promoting solo artists last year, there has been a surge of comebacks from big names such as Uhm Jung Hwa this month alone. SM Entertainment, in particular, is looking into these solo releases and confirmed Seohyun and possibly Krystal’s solo debuts. Other female solo artist looking to promote includes Lee Hyori and Suzy.

BoA might just be contending with these solo promotions.
BoA might just be contending with these solo promotions.

At present, SM Entertainment has not released a statement confirming BoA’s return, but many are already speculating that this piece of insider detail might just be true.

Source: Donga