BoA Can’t Wear High-Heels Anymore And The Reason Why Is Kind Of Sad

BoA debuted at the young age of 13, and now she’s never able to do something many girls die for.

SHINee’s Key has uncovered an interesting fact about BoA in the latest episode of Keyword BoA.

The online broadcast candidly covers the activities behind BoA’s upcoming comeback.

Surprisingly, BoA confessed as to why she’s not able to wear heels as often anymore.

It all started when Key pointed out BoA’s choice of footwear, but BoA revealed a tragic reason behind her choice to wear sneakers.

“I can only wear running shoes off stage because I have bad ankles.

I can’t normally wear heels.”

 — BoA

She can’t wear heels as a part of her daily life because her ankles are badly strained from her years of dancing in ridiculously high heels.

BoA, who made her debut at the young age of 13, has been incorporating a lot of high heels into her performances for over a decade.

Despite having ankle injuries in the past, it didn’t stop her from continuing the show.

In her 2005 concert tour, BoA was warned not to continue the concert after sporting an injury but continued to do so with the help of painkillers.

Although she may have to opt for lower shoes off-stage, BoA never stops giving it all for her performances.

Watch the full clip below:

Source: Insight