BoA Reveals Her Ideal Type For A Guy Is Someone Who Doesn’t Have Many Friends

They have to be good-looking, tall, sweet to her, and have not too many friends.

Singer BoA, who celebrated her 20 year debut anniversary this year, appeared as a special MC for SBS’s My Little Old Boy.

During the show, the hosts asked which host was closest to her ideal type for a man. BoA chose host Park Su Hong as the person closest to her type.

Park Su Hong seems like someone who has a lot of variety in his life. My life is really boring because it’s just work or home for me. I think my life would have a variety of events with him. I also think he would listen to what the woman says because he is easily swayed by what people say.

⁠— BoA

| @BoA_Official/Twitter

On the other hand, when asked about her actual ideal type for a man, she expressed that she liked someone that was sweet to her and didn’t have many friends.

I don’t think someone like Kim Min Jong would be a good fit for me. I would feel too lonely if the person was constantly on the phone making plans while they were with me. In terms of appearance, I like someone who is good looking and tall.

⁠— BoA

BoA will be releasing her 10th album BETTER on December 1.

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