BoA set to take the challenge on JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 4” after receiving numerous love calls

“Asia’s Star” BoA will be making her first appearance every on a JTBC show Hidden Singer 4!

This year BoA is celebrating her 15th anniversary since her debut in South Korea, having released her 8th album Kiss My Lips filled with tracks produced by the artist herself.

In an interview with Hidden Singer, BoA revealed, “I watched Cool’s Lee Jae Hoon’s episode during Season 3 and I was surprised when I heard someone with the exact same voice. I looked and I said ‘Huh? What is it?’ and rewind to look again.”

“I’ve heard a lot of people say I have a unique voice, so I’m really curious if there is anyone with a voice similar to mine. I’m looking forward to meeting my voice imitator.”

The staff of JTBC’s Hidden Singer 4 revealed that they have been sending love calls to BoA since they began the program with the first season.

The first episode of Season 4 will feature BoA to air on October 4th at 11pm KST.

Source: My Daily