Boba Guys Collabs With NCT 127 For Cup Sleeve Event For New Album “Sticker,” Creates Exclusive Drink Inspired By The Group

The listening party included lots of freebies for NCTzens!

Boba and NCT? Name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait.

The collab of the century has arrived. The popular American bubble tea franchise Boba Guys has collaborated with NCT 127 for a cup sleeve event to celebrate the group’s new studio album, Sticker.

The event was held in just two cities, New York City and Los Angles, in the United States, for one day, September 19. It was the perfect event for international NCTzens!

Boba Guys’ made an exclusive drink in honor of the group. Called “NCTea,” it is a lemonade made with matcha, making it green, NCT’s official color. Mega props to Boba Guys for also making it a lemonade, referencing NCT 127’s song “Lemonade” from Sticker.

A refreshing take on an American classic, The Arnold Palmer. We’ve swapped out the traditional black tea and taken it up a notch with Tea People premium grade organic matcha and added mint sprigs for garnish and flavor.

Created in collaboration with Boba Guys and NCT 127 to celebrate the launch of the album ‘Sticker.’

— Boba Guys

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The NCTeas came with cup sleeves that were also exclusive to the event. So worth the trip!

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In addition to tea and cup sleeves, they also gave out sticker sheets. What’s a Sticker event without stickers, am I right? Fans went home with many collectibles that day!

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NCTzens have been sharing their experience on social media, and it looks like everyone who attended the event had lots of fun. Who doesn’t love a good cup sleeve event?

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It was also a listening party for the new album, so NCTzens got to listen to their favorite songs from Sticker.

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Rather than be held at a traditional tea shop, an NCT 127 Sticker bus went around the cities, stopping at select spots. There, NCTzens could go up to get their freebies and drinks.

Boba Guys has also been sharing highlights of NCTzens at their event on their Instagram Stories. It looks like it was a good experience for everyone involved!

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Check out a highlight from the event in NYC below for more:


Will be doing a giveaway of the collectibles for those who missed the event on my IG #bobaguys #nct127 #nctzen #sticker #collectibles #kpop #nycevent

♬ Sticker – NCT 127

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