Bobby Ranks Himself Against Fellow iKON Members In Terms Of Looks

Bobby says he’s better looking than only this one particular member.

Bobby chose where he would rank in terms of iKON‘s visuals and also picked who would be lower than him in the rankings.


iKON guested on Ji Suk Jin’s radio show 2pm Date where Bobby was asked where he thinks he ranks in terms of visuals… And Bobby says he’s a confident 6th.

“6th. I think I’m 6th.” — Bobby


He was then asked who the only person below him in rankings, 7th place, would be.

“7th place is over there (pointing at B.I). It’s B.I” — Bobby


B.I was then asked the same question and put himself ahead of Bobby.

“I would be 6th… and Bobby would be 7th.” — B.I.


Talk about bromance goals! 😝


Source: Daily Kyungje