BOL4’s Ahn Ji Young To Temporarily Halt Activities Due To Health Conditions And Anxiety Symptoms

We hope she rests well.

BOL4’s Ahn Ji Young will be temporarily halting all activities due to worsening health conditions.

Her agency Shofar Music released an official statement regarding her health status and future promotions.

They stated that Ahn had been visiting specialized medical centers earlier this year due to her frequent anxiety symptoms. She has also been receiving therapy treatment and taking prescriptions.

But her anxiety symptoms have intensified and it has become difficult for her to continue promotions. Her agency commented, “It has become difficult to promote her single album ‘Filmlet’.”

| Shofar Music

They take artists’ health as their top priority and have decided to focus on treatment and rest.

Below is the official statement.

Hello this is Shopar Music. We are here to inform you on our official position regarding the heath status and future activities for Ahn Jiyoung.

Since the first half of this year, she has been visiting medical centers due to her worsening health condition and anxiety symptoms. She has also been receiving therapy treatment and taking drug prescriptions.

But her symptoms have worsened recently and it has become hard to continue activities for her single album ‘Filmlet’.

We have decided that our artists’ health is our top priority and will focus on her health by postponing all activities for the time being.

We apologize for the sudden news and we ask that you refrain from speculation or misunderstandings related to Jiyoung’s health and activities.
We will do our best to help Jiyoung recover her health and we ask that you support her until she returns in good health.

We hope she recovers well!

Source: tvdaily