Bollywood Rapper Beats BTS’s Record As The Most Viewed Music Video in 24 Hours, People Question The Validity Of The Views

People are questioning if the views are valid for the record.

BTS‘s “Boy With Luv” was previously known as the music video with the most views in 24 hours. This record, however, was beaten by Bollywood rapper Badshah and his music video “Paagal”. The music video garnered over 75 million views in a day.

YouTube, however, refuses to credit the rapper. In the past, YouTube has congratulated other stars who have beat this record, including BLACKPINK with “KILL THIS LOVE” and BTS’s “Boy With Luv”. But they did not congratulate Badshah.

Executives in rival companies in India are saying that the artists bought fake views, profiting of bots to stream the video. Some have stated that the only way he got these views was by advertising the music video as ads on YouTube videos. With this, he was able to garner millions of views.

Badshah is saying that YouTube is holding him to a double-standard, commenting on how quick YouTube was to congratulate Western and East Asian artists but hesitated to applaud an Indian artist.

Some have also pointed out that BLACKPINK’s “KILL THIS LOVE” appeared as ads in India, so YG Entertainment basically did the same thing as Badshah and his label did.

Source: Bloomberg