Bona Names The WJSN Member That Could Be Her Fencing Rival, And You’d Definitely Agree

The choice is perfect!

WJSN is a group full of capable women, and Bona recently revealed which one of them could definitely rival her skills in fencing!

Bona | @bn_95819/Instagram

Bona recently appeared on Allure Korea‘s Youtube channel for an interview, where she answered questions sent in by fans!

One of the questions asked to her was,

If WJSN members learn fencing, who do you think would be your rival?

Bona picked Eunseo to be her fencing rival, citing her great athletic abilities as the reason why she’d be perfect for fencing!

Among the members, I would say Eunseo! She is the most athletic, and likes working out, so I think she would excel the most.


She then cheekily added that since she started before Eunseo, she’d definitely be better!

But since I started earlier, I should be better…


Eunseo as a fencer would definitely be something to see!

Eunseo | Starship Entertainment

Watch Bona talk about it here!

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