SM Entertainment collaborates with JYP Entertainment in the MV “Born To Be Wild”

SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment team up to release the collaboration music video, “Born to Be Wild.”

Featuring Min from miss AJokwon from 2AMHyoyeon from Girls’ Generation, and JYP himself, the four join together to release the upbeat and catchy song “Born To Be Wild.”

Known as Triple T, Min, Jokown, and, now confirmed, Hyoyeon will be part of the group in a STATION collaboration with JYP Entertainment.

After having multiple artists from both SM and JYP Entertainment share the news of this event, many idols were anticipating this release as much as the fans were.

With bright flashing lights and an upbeat dance tune, “Born To Be Wild” truly expresses a wilder side of SM Entertainment. With a shocking new style of music and a collaboration that caught many off guard, this latest track lives up to its own name.