Box Office: Film “The Tunnel” ranks 1st for 25 consecutive days

The film “The Tunnel” (directed by Kim Seonghoon) has maintained the #1 spot in the Korean Box Office since its release 25 days ago on August 10th.

Starring top actors Ha Jeongwoo, Bae Doona, and Oh Dalsu, “The Tunnel” reached an attendance of 146,647 people on September 3rd alone, according to the Korean Film Council. Moreover, the film has accumulated a cumulative attendance of 6,813,163 people over 25 days. Soon after its release, the film brought in a consistent view count of approximately  50,000 viewers each day, thereby surpassing the 6 million mark by September 4th.

The film tells the emotional story of a man who became stuck in a tunnel after it collapsed on his way home, the rescue efforts involved, and the changes going on in and outside the tunnel.

“The Tunnel” promotional poster

Source: Star News