This Boy Group’s K-Pop Mash-Up Is Totally Lit And Deserves To Be On Your Playlist

Can you name all the songs?

At the 2019 Dream Concert, boy group Golden Child kicked off the event with an awesome mashup of different male idol hit songs. Fans are now having a blast trying to figure out which groups, tracks, and choreographies have been covered in this lit AF performance!


Golden Child members start with BTS‘s mega hit song “Blood Sweat & Tears”. From there on, they mix in EXO, NCT U, SEVENTEEN, and GOT7 tracks. The audience had a blast hearing the different songs, but more so amazed at how natural it sounded!


Golden Child also did an excellent job of highlighting K-Pop’s hottest dance moves. The mashup choreography is also on point and Golden Child fans are now actively asking Woollim Entertainment to share the dance practice video!


Shortly after the performance, Golden Child tweeted a big thanks to the fans who came to support their mashup stage. Goldenness, the group’s fan club, looks forward to seeing more of the boys on stage in the future!

Translation: “Dear Goldenness! How did you like the stage put together by Golden Child today?? We worked really hard to show our fans the best we can! We are only able to do what we do thanks to Goldenness that comes to watch and support wherever we go. We hope you’ll stay around for long!”


Check out the performance below: