New Survival Program “The Origin- A, B, Or What?” Postpones Premiere After Trainees Test Positive For COVID-19

Fans will have to wait just a bit longer for the show!

The premiere of MBN and KakaoTV’s new boy group survival program, The Origin- A, B, or What?, has been postponed. The production team issued an official statement that revealed that some of the trainees for the show had tested positive for COVID-19. Below is the official statement.

Hello, this is the MBNXKakaoTV production team. Last week, some of the trainees on the show experienced poor health conditions and took a preemptive PCR test that resulted positive for COVID-19. They are currently taking the necessary measures according to the guidelines of the quarantine authorities.

Due to this, MBN, KakaoTV, and IST Entertainment decided that a change in the programming schedule was needed in order to secure a safe production environment. The program originally scheduled for February 26 will be postponed to March 19.

This show will be an audition program that deals with the debut survival process of a global boy group. The final boy group will be making their official debut through IST Entertainment, home to Apink, VICTON, and THE BOYZ.

Source: ytn