Boyfriend named as new 2015 Lotte Hotel Busan ambassadors following Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, and BIGBANG

Following other major stars, idol group Boyfriend has recently been named the new 2015 Lotte Hotel Busan ambassadors!

Promoting as the representative models of the hotel for a year, they planned to attend a variety of events that are related to the role of being ambassadors.

In regards to Boyfriend’s new role, their agency Starship Entertainment had been quoted, “With as much honor as there is in Boyfriend becoming the promotional models for Lotte Hotel Busan, they will work hard and well to promote K-pop as idols.”

The hotel is continuously seeing expansion, starting with just fan meetings for Jang Geun Suk and BIGBANG, and it expanded to Japanese ground such as Fukuoka, Tokyo, Nagoya, and more, showing more value and credibility in their name.

Though Boyfriend is currently promoting their latest track “BOUNCE,” make sure to stay tuned to future promotional activities from the idols as ambassadors!

Source: STAR In