“I Have A Boyfriend!” Popular Actress Claims She Has A Boyfriend But No One Seems To Believe Her

“I am sorry, but can you stop taking things from 0 to 100?..”

Actress Go Eun Ah claimed she had a younger boyfriend, but unfortunately, not many seem to believe her.

Go Eun Ah |

On May 10, Go Eun Ah appeared in a YouTube video with her brother Mir, sister, and friend, KARA member Youngji.

At the beginning of the video, the actress is seen eating with her brother and sister. During the video, Go Eun Ah suddenly exclaims, “Eat a lot, babe,” to which Mir, looking surprised, yells that her relationship with this mystery man is a secret.

The three then moved to another location to drink, where KARA’s Youngji joined them. Not long after she arrived, Go Eun Ah is seen telling Youngji that she would be introducing her to her aforementioned mysterious boyfriend.

Youngji, I will soon introduce you to your brother-in-law.

— Go Eun Ah

Youngji is seen unconvinced and scolds her friend for allegedly making up an imaginary boyfriend for YouTube views.

I am sorry, but can you stop taking things from 0 to 100? This is why (YouTube) views are so scary.

— Youngji

Go Eun Ah, however, wasn’t discouraged and continued claiming that she had a boyfriend. The video also claims in its description that the actress will soon introduce her boyfriend to viewers, spurring further interest into her love life.

I know you guys are really curious to know, so we will introduce (Go Eun Ah’s) boyfriend on this channel. We will show his real appearance without any mosaics. We want to show him soon, but we would like to make his appearance dramatic, so we are busy coming up with ideas.

— @user-ie3bn9tf4m/YouTube

You can watch the actress make her confession about this mystery man in the link below.

Source: wikitree
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