Boyfriend’s Donghyun confirmed casting for musical “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” in Japan

Boyfriend‘s leader Donghyun has been confirmed to be casted for the upcoming musical Bachelor’s Vegetable Store. The musical is set to perform in Japan for the coming year.

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, one of Korea’s representative musicals, is about five young men trying to achieve their dreams together. The musical, recognized by 2014 Creative Musical Outstanding Re-Performance Support Business, has been selected as one of the top Korean musicals garnering potential to succeed internationally as well.

From February 16th to 22nd, Donghyun is to go up on stage as Choi Yoon Min for Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, at Tokyo, Japan. According to the production company explained its reasons to cast Donghyun, on December 11th, “Boyfriend did not only score ranks on Oricon Charts, but also their leader Donghyun has proved his exceptional vocal and steady acting skills as a role in musical 1000th Guy, in Sibuya since September.”

Likewise the production company’s statement, Donghyun has been building on his acting career during his spare time from Boyfriend’s promotion schedules. Recently, Donghyun made a cameo on Love Frequency 37.2 for MBC Everyone Drama. Donghyun mentioned, “I will try my best to show a much more stabalized acting and vocal colors for my second musical project in Japan.”

Meanwhile, Boyfriend have finished their first solo concert in Korea and are preparing for their promotional activities overseas.

Source: Osen